SDL Tridion California User Day 2012

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What is it?

It’s a day filled with Tridion goodness! The SDL Tridion California User Day, and more broadly, SDL Tridion user days around the world are a chance for all interested parties to gather and talk all things Tridion.

The events consist of interactive presentations and Q&A sessions with leaders in the Tridion world. Topics vary greatly from business and marketing ideas to development life cycles, future products, coding practices and more. There really is something for everyone involved with SDL Tridion.

For me, SDL Tridion user days are a great chance to meet new people, make connections and learn from other people’s experiences. I can’t wait for the next one!

2012 Day Roundup

First up was Alvin with a talk on matching process to business needs. Alvin gave us all a great reminder that “best practice” is only the best if it meets the business requirements.

Next came Frank with a double header separated by lunch. In the first segment, Frank, who openly admitted that he would deviate massively during his talk, gave some great insight into several Content Delivery technologies:

  • OData Content Delivery Service and its ability to feed rich dynamic websites
  • Tridion Dynamic Content Language (TDCL) and the possibilities available with custom TDCL tags
  • Render Engine Language (REL) and its ability to abstract dynamic content inclusion from website development

After lunch, Frank moved on to Content Management functionality with sections on:

  • Core Service and using LinqPad to quickly generate results
  • Tridion 2013 and a sneak peak at some of the upcoming features of next year’s release

Next up, Nickoli spoke about mobilizing and the different approaches for taking your existing desktop website into the mobile world. Nickoli, through several real world examples, demonstrated how an existing Tridion BluePrint was modified to add mobile capability.

Last but not least, Bart started with a unadvertised demo of External Content Library Connector (ECL). He demonstrated its ability to integrate third party multimedia content, such as Flickr photographs, into your Tridion website. ECL looks like it will be a great product extension, which I am excited to get my hands on.

Following the impromptu demo, Bart moved on to the meat of his presentation, the Tridion community. He outlined the future direction of the community and how to get more involved. This is something I am very interested in, especially after reading the MVP Portugal Retreat write up by Ryan!

Another particularly exciting community suggestion is the possibility of “Hack-a-Thon” style events in the future. I could see these being a great success.

After a great day of engaging presentations, I feel energized to increase my activity in the Tridion community and attend more user days. It was great to hear so many Building Blocks blog posts mentioned as references in various conversations during the day.

Who knows, maybe Building Blocks can present at a future Tridion user day.

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