SDL Tridion Events System Sample

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Getting started as a developer in SDL Tridion is much easier than it used to be. In the past, information was very difficult to find, and the only people who could help you were existing Tridion developers. For more information on the past, and how the community has grown, check out my blog post here:

Now that the community is thriving, there are still a few areas that are trickier than they should be. I hope by putting very simple samples on the Visual Studio Developer Center I can help someone pick up Tridion a little easier.

Here is the first: or via GIT here:

A very bare-bones intro to SDL Tridion Events System

It will also give me an easy place to find my Events System starter, directly in Visual Studio

I will probably update it to be a project template. If/when I do I will update this post.


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