Translation Mananger (TMS) Plugin to Translate the Components on Pages

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When you start a translation in SDL Tridion on a Page, you are given the option to “translate components”. However, this option will translate those components in the same location as the page, the current (context) Publication.

2015-12-16 02_53_28-Windows 10 on SF01-8CLVD12 - Virtual Machine Connection

The solution to this is a Translation Manager Plugin, which I explain in more detail here:

The plugin, attached to the “job saving” event trigger, will detect any pages within a translation job. If a page is detected, and is marked “translation components” it will then create a secondary translation job (in the correct context Publication or based on business rules) containing the pages components, appending the job title with “- components” for easy identification.

2015-12-16 03_12_16-Windows 10 on SF01-8CLVD12 - Virtual Machine Connection

A simple example is shown below; more complex business rules could be added as required.



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