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Recently, I’ve been working more frequently with Translation Manager and SDL Tridion. It is a great plugin, with extension points, customization possibilities and drastically streamlines translation processes.

Then came SDL Web 8, and as part of an upgrade proposal, I though what’s new with Translation Manager… It turns out quite a bit.

The changes which will be most notable to SDL Web editors are:

Translation Job Metadata

Many times I’ve been asked, can we send additional information to the translators, like a link to view the content in context or instructions on maximum character length. Well now this is possible with translation job metadata.

Dedicated Translation Job Tab

In the slide out menu, translation jobs are more prominent and easier to find for SDL Web users to manage and monitor jobs, allowing them to perform tasks like retry, delete, copy and check status.

Review and Preview Translations

New features that are in the works, and will become more fully featured in future SDL Web releases are translation review and preview. Review allows SDL Web users to review, accept, or reject translations (with comments) to send them back for Translation. Preview (currently only available via custom implementation) allows SDL Web users to view the translation in the context of the website.

Increased Translation Options Control

Before, translation options could only be controlled at the Publication level. Now it has been extended to allow control at Folder, Structure Group and Category level also.

Other Changes

A few other, more technical changes are also included in SDL Web 8, aroung ITS versioning and the new Promote/Demote functionality. Information can be found here:

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