2016 Project 1: "Tridion Downloader"

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The end of 2015 has been a blur, with my side project being hampered by real work. My plans to finish the project before year end left in tatters. Between project work and travel I’ve been too busy to complete my pet project, the affectionately named “Tridion Downloader”.

The project is a two part-er:

  • “Download” Tridion – almost complete – uses the Tridion search indexes it builds a picture of the Tridion implementation and saves it as a set JSON data files. Storing things like BluePrint, Schemas, Templates and usage information to be used by part 2.


  • Visualizer – work in progress – visualize the information gathered in part 1 with the objective of streamlining implementation audits. All to often I need to quickly review and advise on new to me implementations, without time to fully analyze what they have. This (will hopefully) allow me (and others) to quickly get a feel for its structure, strengths and weaknesses.

Fingers crossed the start of 2016 is a little quieter, and I can get at least a beta out to the community.

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