SDL Tridion (SDL Web) CoreService Helpers

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I’ve uploaded a small project which helps with the connection and handling of SDL Tridion (SDL Web) Core Service tasks. It is available via my publish BitBucket profile here:

I’ll be adding additional methods and improvements over time, but to begin with this has the basics including:

  • Publish
  • Read (Get)
  • GetSchemaFields
  • GetSearchResults
  • GetSystemWideList
  • GetSystemWideListXml
  • GetCurrentUser
  • GetList
  • GetListXml

Once the library is more complete I will also publish it via NuGet, to make it much easier to include in projects quickly.

If you’d like to see specific features, you can add them to the issues log here:

This will eventually form a piece in a larger toolkit, to aid working with SDL Tridion (SDL Web) via Core Service.

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