What is an SDL Web Topology Type?

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In the old days naming Publication Targets and Publication Types was easy. Names like Staging and Live described what the purpose of the publish was, and was easy to understand.

Now, enter Topologies, and more specifically Topology Types. How should we name those?

To be honest, I don’t know. I am conflicted. However via this post I hope to generate some discussion about what and how we should name Topology Types.

Here are some of my thoughts

  1. The old way, by purpose, for example:
    1. Staging
    2. Live
    3. etc…
  2. By features, for example
    1. Staging without XPM
    2. Staging with XPM
    3. Live without XPM
    4. etc…
  3. By logical business division, for example
    1. Organization Division / brand / unit A
    2. Organization Division / brand / unit B
    3. Geographical area A
    4. Geographical area B
    5. etc…

What is the best approach? Lets discuss….

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