SDL Web MVP Retreat 2016: What’s Next for DD4T & SDL DXA?

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Last week I had the honor of attending the 2016 SDL Web MVP retreat in Portugal (more specifically Hotel Convento De Sao Paulo, which I highly recommend!,) which was a lot of fun!

At the retreat the primary topic was the upcoming merger of DD4T and SDL DXA, with a focus on the key objectives and goals of project. Things like the new framework must be Easy, Open, Modular, Supportable, Robust, Performant, Scalable, Demoable, Documented and Tested.

To do this we divided into working groups, each with a focus topic, and then presented back to the larger group our thoughts for conversation. We grouped around topics like Architecture, Testing, Continuous Delivery, Communication and Documentation to name a few.

We also spent time talking about how we’ll work together, as one team, from the community and SDL to deliver quality software. SDL are committed to supporting and maintaining the initiative, but they are also committed to it being open source. This is great news for developers, customers and the wider community.

I chose to join the continuous delivery & testing group, in which we discussed source control practices, release practices, frameworks to support the process, shipping process as well as code to help customers operate more efficiently and many more items. We discussed delivery mechanisms, like containers, and other tooling we’d like to see used to make life easier and more efficient.

Over the coming weeks SDL will continue to communicate on the timelines and high-level features of the program, but from the last few days I am very confident we’re heading in the right direction and will not hesitate to continue recommending SDL to my clients.

Of course the MVP retreat is not all work and no fun! We spent our evenings eating delicious Portuguese food, sampling the local wine and socializing (singing along with the musically talented members of the group on Piano and Portuguese guitars). Once the weekend arrived, and the work was done, we headed to the Great Lake (the largest lake in Portugal) for some Kayaking and a boat tour to see the Alqueva Dam.

All in all, it was a great retreat and I have my fingers crossed I can make MVP again in 2017! As Alvin would say, share more!

Thank you to Nuno, Carla, Paulo, Cristelle and SDL for organizing, hosting and taking part in such a great event.

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