SDL Web MVP Retreat 2017: Day 2

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Day 2 started with a presentation from Niclas called “What we do in the shadows – SDL Tridion Connectors and Strategy”. Niclas is part of the connectors team at SDL, who drive the development of connection layers between all of SDL’s core products. SDL also continues to work with a best of breed mentality, connecting with other tools that can handle subsets of the job better than SDL itself vs. trying to do everything on the platform.

One particularly interesting topic was a streamlined way to create one-off campaigns. Niclas is also working on a connection framework, to create a consistency and best practice for connectors. This is a common request, for marketing campaigns and product launches.

Next up, presentations. Each group (from Day 1) presented on their aims and objectives for the working session. Each team discussed what they’d decided they’d deliver, either by the end of the retreat or once they return home. I’m looking forward to seeing some of the outcomes over the coming weeks!

We spend the rest of the day working in our teams, discussing ideas and trying to achieve a tangible output for the day.

At the end of the day, we all came back together for wrap-up presentations. My favorite project and demo of the few days was the DXAJS team, who showed a nice starter project aiming to provide a front-end framework to consume the DXA 2.0 Model Service. They kept it JavaScript framework agnostic which is nice, and I hope to see more progress on that one over the coming weeks.

Other projects undertaken were an XPM health-checker, URL Localizer (without Page localization), and a collection of PowerShell maintenance scripts.

Now the work is over, and the fun begins. We’re heading to Fatima for our traditional cultural insight, followed by a delicious dinner.

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