Stop Publishing Un-translated Content Accidentally

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In a large SDL Web (SDL Tridion) implementation, with multiple languages and countries, it is inevitable that change control will be a problem that needs to be managed. Scenario You don’t localize pages, to keep global control over them You have a central editorial team, creating content for all markets Your central team creates new content, and adds it to pages Your local markets publish the page before translation has been initiated or completed Result English (or master language) content on a local market website. This is not good! Solutions There are several solutions, and each have different amounts of up-front development, […]

How to Test or Demonstrate SDL Web Translation for Free!

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One of SDL Web’s standout features, is the ease of translation. The ability to initiate translation, directly from the content management system, and it automatically be updated once translation is complete is a clear differentiator. In this post I’ll show you how to sign up for a free trial, and plumb it into SDL Web, to aid demos and proof of concept projects. 1. Sign-up for SDL’s Lanugage Cloud Pop over to and create a free account. Once you’ve got your account setup, you can then select the free trial tier from the options. 2. Setup an API Key Now […]

Translation Manager & SDL Web 8

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Recently, I’ve been working more frequently with Translation Manager and SDL Tridion. It is a great plugin, with extension points, customization possibilities and drastically streamlines translation processes. Then came SDL Web 8, and as part of an upgrade proposal, I though what’s new with Translation Manager… It turns out quite a bit. The changes which will be most notable to SDL Web editors are: Translation Job Metadata Many times I’ve been asked, can we send additional information to the translators, like a link to view the content in context or instructions on maximum character length. Well now this is possible with […]

Translation Mananger (TMS) Plugin to Translate the Components on Pages

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When you start a translation in SDL Tridion on a Page, you are given the option to “translate components”. However, this option will translate those components in the same location as the page, the current (context) Publication. The solution to this is a Translation Manager Plugin, which I explain in more detail here: The plugin, attached to the “job saving” event trigger, will detect any pages within a translation job. If a page is detected, and is marked “translation components” it will then create a secondary translation job (in the correct context Publication or based on business rules) containing the pages components, […]