SDL Tridion (SDL Web) CoreService Helpers

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I’ve uploaded a small project which helps with the connection and handling of SDL Tridion (SDL Web) Core Service tasks. It is available via my publish BitBucket profile here: I’ll be adding additional methods and improvements over time, but to begin with this has the basics including: Publish Read (Get) GetSchemaFields GetSearchResults GetSystemWideList GetSystemWideListXml GetCurrentUser GetList GetListXml Once the library is more complete I will also publish it via NuGet, to make it much easier to include in projects quickly. If you’d like to see specific features, you can add them to the issues log here: This will eventually form […]

SDL Tridion Workflow & Components

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Sending components directly into Workflow when they are saved/created is a nice way to ensure only “approved” content makes it to your website, however there is a gotcha. When you create a new item, the item is created as version 0.X, as it has yet to be “approved” and therefore has not reached its first major version (1.0). The problem is, editors can only add major versions to pages (as Component Presentations). In order to “approve” content it is most common that the approver will want to see the content in-context (on a page). We could consider a few approaches, like […]

Publication Targets & SDL Web 8

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With the introduction of SDL Web 8, publishing has changed. Overall, once you get your head around it, Topologies (the new way of publishing) are a nice approach. They provide a clear separation between the Content Management and Content Delivery environments. However, Topologies take some learning, and are slower to setup for quick demo situations. If you want to use the old way, with Publication Targets, you can follow these instructions and the Publication Node will reappear On the Content Management server browse to %TRIDION_HOME%\web\WebUI\Editors\CME\Configuration\ Open the CME.config file Find enablepublishingmanagement and change the value to true Restart the Content Manager […]

Razor Mediator: Potential Memory Leak

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The Razor Mediator is a great community tool, which makes SDL Tridion (SDL Web) templating easy! The out of the box settings work well, however there is something to be aware of if you are making changes. Changing some values can cause memory leaks and excessive memory usage within the Publisher Windows service! The default settings <importSettings includeConfigWhereUsed=”true” includeImportWhereUsed=”true” replaceRelativePaths=”false” /> Warning Changing either “includeConfigWhereUsed” or “includeImportWhereUsed” to false will cause drastically increased usage, especially during high publishing load. Why would you change these? The most likely reason is frequent development changes in the development environment. The mediator code detects […]

2016 Project 2: Notifications

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Every project I work on, the editors, contributors and business owners talk about Notifications. They want to know what is changing, when, and what is effected. In 2016, I plan to revisit previous community projects, like Bart’s Tridion Notification Framework, and try to make a generic solution to a common problem. When this request comes up, we always talk about the same things, email vs. reports, should it be Workflow, and what constitutes a change (not every save is a “release”). So, as part of this project, I’ll try to address these things and hopefully build something that provides value […]

2016 Project 1: "Tridion Downloader"

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The end of 2015 has been a blur, with my side project being hampered by real work. My plans to finish the project before year end left in tatters. Between project work and travel I’ve been too busy to complete my pet project, the affectionately named “Tridion Downloader”. The project is a two part-er: “Download” Tridion – almost complete – uses the Tridion search indexes it builds a picture of the Tridion implementation and saves it as a set JSON data files. Storing things like BluePrint, Schemas, Templates and usage information to be used by part 2. Visualizer – work in progress […]

SDL Tridion (SDL Web): Defining a Workflow

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Workflow is a rarely implemented (but extremely powerful) piece of the SDL Web (SDL Tridion) solution. It allows companies to introduce governance and control to the material on their website, inline with general content editing activities. Why is it rarely used? Workflow is seen as complex. All to often when talking to customers it is deemed to complex (or scary) to implement. Or worse still, it has been implemented and disabled as it caused problems. Why is it disabled? Normally, the reasons are simple. It was either defined to be too strict or too complex. What should you consider when defining […]

SDL Web: Staged Upgrades & Content Delivery as a Service

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I’ve written before about staged upgrades, and the procedural advantages that may bring depending on your organization. Being able to plan manageable chucks of upgrade activity certainly can be attractive, when dealing with a large eco-system. In SDL Web 8, staged upgrades are certainly still an option, with the progress described here — but there is something else interesting… Looking at step 4. as shown below, what we have is the new Content Delivery stack, running against the existing (current) Content Management stack, but why is this interesting? In this setup, you can start to take advantage of some of […]

Translation Manager & SDL Web 8

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Recently, I’ve been working more frequently with Translation Manager and SDL Tridion. It is a great plugin, with extension points, customization possibilities and drastically streamlines translation processes. Then came SDL Web 8, and as part of an upgrade proposal, I though what’s new with Translation Manager… It turns out quite a bit. The changes which will be most notable to SDL Web editors are: Translation Job Metadata Many times I’ve been asked, can we send additional information to the translators, like a link to view the content in context or instructions on maximum character length. Well now this is possible with […]

SDL Tridion (SDL Web): Bundles

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Bundles, until recently, had mostly escaped me. I’d had no reason to use them, and had not made the effort to investigate them. Recently all that changed. I decided it was time to look into Bundles and how they could benefit my implementation. Before getting started on a few things I’ve learn and how I’ve been using them, what are Bundles? Bundles are a new type, introduced in SDL Tridion 2013. They are “similar” to folders, in that you can put items in them but behave a little differently A few interesting facts I’ve learnt about Bundles, along the way: […]