Publishing from SDL Web 8

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After reading Rob Stevenson-Leggett’s post on Topology Manager I was intrigued, and thought I need to try setting up what used to be known as a “Publication Target”. As Rob describes, the settings in the administration have disappeared and migrated under the Publication node of the Content Management tab. The first interesting thing I noticed, besides the name change to Business Process Type, is that they BluePrint! Adding a Target to a Publication adds it to the BluePrint. It can even be localized at lower levels… interesting… It gets a little less interesting, as it seems all you can do following localization […]

SDL Web 8: Promote & Demote

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If I had to rate features on the number of times I’ve been asked “can SDL Tridion (SDL Web) do …..” this would be right at the top of the list. This feature solves the heartbreaking moment when you realize, I’ve created it all in the wrong Publication… oh and the business reason, of I’d like to share that content with more “people”. In SDL Web 8 there is now the feature to Promote and Demote content, either individually or as a batch via the API. Below you can see the GUI to Promote and Demote items, however clicking Promote […]

SDL Tridion/Web Workflow & Approval Status

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Recently I’ve been working with SDL Tridion Workflow and Approval status, to restrict the publishing to the live website. I’ve been reading other community blog posts,  including Dom’s, and for Approval Status’ things have changed a little in recent versions. What is Approval Status Approval status was a “Metadata” that could be assigned to any publishable item, originally to help indicate control its publishing during Workflow, but more recently at all times. At the beginning the Approval Status of an item could only be set during a Workflow process. What is Minimum Approval Status Minimum Approval Status is a restriction that […]

SDL Web 8 in Microsoft Azure

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SDL Web 8 has many exciting additions, as I’ve outlined in a post on the Building Blocks blog here. One of the most exciting things, for me, was the added support for cloud databases SQL Azure and Amazon RDS (for SQL Server). So as soon as I got my hands on the installer, I got straight to it, and here is the outcome: Steps to setup (in MS Azure) Create a database server, as below  Create a Virtual Machine (I chose Windows Server 2012 R2) Create the MTSUser, as per the documentation Run the database scripts against the Azure database […]