How to Test or Demonstrate SDL Web Translation for Free!

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One of SDL Web’s standout features, is the ease of translation. The ability to initiate translation, directly from the content management system, and it automatically be updated once translation is complete is a clear differentiator.

In this post I’ll show you how to sign up for a free trial, and plumb it into SDL Web, to aid demos and proof of concept projects.

1. Sign-up for SDL’s Lanugage Cloud

Pop over to and create a free account. Once you’ve got your account setup, you can then select the free trial tier from the options.

language cloud options

2. Setup an API Key

Now head to, and create a new API key, to use in your SDL Web 8 installation

api key

3. Create a dictionary

Navigate to and create a dictionary for your project.


4. Select your Engines

On the next tab, “Industry Engines”, select the language pairs you’ll be demoing


5. Configure in SDL Web 8

For this step, I am going to assume you have already installed “Translation Manager”, and selected “LanguageCloud” as the source for translations

There are two parts to configure in SDL Web, sources and targets

  • Sources – What translation is based off
  • Target – Where translation will go
5.1. Setting up the Source

Translation Source

5.2. Setting up the Target

translation target

6. Sending an Item for Translation

First, we need a Component to test with. Here is our test component

example component

6.1. Push

Right clicking on the component, and selecting the Translate option will allow you to create a new Translation Job.

Send for Translation

translation job
6.2. Pull

Pull translations are initiated in the exact same way as Push translations, just from the Target instead of the Source Publication.

6.3. Checking Status

From the slide out menu you can access the Translation dashboard

translation dashboard

6.4 Result

One the translation is complete, the (in this case French) content will automatically be place in a localize component in the Target Publication, ready for publishing.




2 thoughts on “How to Test or Demonstrate SDL Web Translation for Free!

  1. Great article Chris!

    I think by now the Language Cloud signup procedure changed a bit, but the concept still works. I really like to have translated content in a demo/development environment. Even though the quality level of the fully automated translation is very different from human translation I like to have this content in demo and development enviroments. It is so much better to have real translated content than the usual Lorem Ipsum!

    Remember that the fields of the schema (Article schema in your example) need to be marked as “Translatable”. You have done that somewhere after installation of TM and before sending the item for translation.

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